Trivia about Knitted Thread

We receive daily many questions by the SAC of our store regarding Mesh Thread.

– Why is the Mesh Thread thickness so irregular?

– Why are the colors of the Mesh Thread not identical?

To demystify once and for all these and more doubts, we decided to make this post enlightening and unique for you.

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What is Knitted Thread?

Mesh yarn, also known as rag, is produced by recycling mesh scraps from the textile industry. But unlike strings, this product does not undergo manipulation during its production.

Do you mean that in addition to making beautiful work they become ecologically correct? YEA!

They are ecologically correct because all this material that would otherwise be discarded into the environment is captured and its life cycle is increased when you transform it into bags, rugs, and so on.

The manufacturers of Knitted Yarns are very concerned about the environment and that is why they include the product in a sustainable production chain that does not use water or chemicals. We as retailers and consumers must value environmentally friendly products.

The colors

Due to the fact that the threads do not undergo manipulation in their thickness or color, the threads are sold in assorted colors. Well, imagine you, manufacturers capture “rest” from various textile industries and the colors are the result of this mixture. For this reason it is impossible to guarantee that you will find the same pattern or cone of the same shade as another.


Unlike string and other threads, Mesh Thread does not have a number. As we said before, in its manufacture it is not possible to define thickness and elasticity. That’s why it is always recommended that you evaluate and conclude which needle adapts best to the thread, thus ensuring the best execution with the maximum possible comfort. Generally our customers use the variation from 7mm to 12mm.