The importance of choosing the right running shoes

In general, clothing is important for all sports, but in the case of runners, the garment in which they must invest the most , both when it comes to paying and when it comes to time and effort to select it, are the shoes.

Finding a running shoe that perfectly molds to your feet is not an easy task. Today’s market offers so many models that, at times, it can overwhelm you. However, it is worth spending some time to be properly informed and to be able to compare the different models, since your running shoes play a fundamental role in absorbing and reducing the vibrations that occur when your feet come into contact with the ground in every stride.

If we are not used to running and do not know how to choose them, it is important to go to a store specialized in sports, because the advice of someone who controls these issues can be very important.

It is not worth taking the sale shoes, no matter how good their brand and quality, since if it does not adapt to our way of running and does not adapt to our feet , it can be counterproductive.

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Here are some tips:

  • The first is that the shoes must be running. Tennis or basketball are not worth it… The mechanics of the foot when practicing the exercise may be different and, with this, we contribute to facilitate injuries.
  • We should not buy shoes of the same size as street shoes, but rather half or one size more , since when running, the feet tend to swell a bit, which would compress the nails too much and we could suffer friction in other areas of the foot .
  • It is recommended to wear socks , both in summer and winter, since without them the foot sweats more and we increase the chances of having blisters and chafing.
  • We must avoid running with worn shoes , especially in the heel area, since in this case, we would produce a mechanical imbalance of the foot, which would favor injuries such as Achilles tendonitis .
  • The cushioning (inner tubes, gel …) in a sport like running is very important, since it helps to minimize the impact of the body on our joints. The greatest impact occurs when running downhill, as the leg supports approximately twice the body weight with each step.
  • The average life of running shoes is between 700 and 1,200 km , although in the first 600, most have lost a lot of cushioning.